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April 2023 Hay Pillow Giveaway - Enter to Win

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April 2023 Hay Pillow Giveaway - Enter to Win

Winners Annoucement​

Congratulations Patricia Arciszewski, Willie the Wonder Morgan and Sheri Devouassoux. Please email us at to claim your Hay Pillow!

We're Giving Away a Hay Pillow® to 3 Lucky Winners!​

Contest ends April 30, 2023. ​Enter to Win in 2 Easy Steps:

Step 1

Visit our Hay Pillow® Slow Feed Hay Bags category page and decide which Hay Pillow style and mesh size you would like to win (See our tips for Choosing a Mesh Size).

Step 2

Post your entry in the comments section of this blog post* - noting these three things:

  • The Hay Pillow style you chose.
  • Preferred mesh size.
  • Why you and your equine or barnyard buddy should win!​
Include your first and last name
to avoid multiple entries with the same first name!
*Scroll to the bottom of this page to enter.

Contest Rules

  • You must complete steps 1 & 2 above to be eligible.
  • Contest open to USA residents only.
  • ​Contest closes April 30, 2023.

Winners Announcement & Notification

WHEN: Winners announced May 3, 2023

HOW: Winners posted on this blog post & our Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest pages.

​Please check for our winner's announcement. ​Instructions will be posted to claim your ​Hay Pillow®. This is the only way to notify the winners.


What Our Customers Have To Say:

We bought the Standard Hay Pillow a few months ago but I wanted to test it out before I commented on it. Turns out Tanawa our cushings/laminitic horse prefers it to the hay net! I have attached a photo of Tanawa right after I fed breakfast, as usual he eats from the hay pillow before eating from the net. Thank you for a wonderful product! ~Carolyn

We just received our Mini Hay Pillow, and we love it, as does Apollo! Nice and easy to use, and less hay waste! My husband is a disabled veteran and Apollo is his service animal, so he is traveling with us in the minivan all the time. The hay pillow makes it so much easier and cleaner for him to have hay when he is riding with us.~Chantell

I LOVE my Hanging Hay Pillow. It's perfect for traveling to horsemanship clinics! I use it inside the horse trailer while transporting, outside the horse trailer when Bo is tied, and in the corral at night. Thanks for a quality, versatile slow feed hay bag. ~Maureen

 The Manger Hay Pillow has been a game changer. No more wasted hay on the horse trailer floor and the hay lasts for at least 6 hours! Dusty is so much more relaxed in the trailer and once we arrive at our destination. ~Tina


  • I would like to win the 1 3/4 inch standard hay pillow. I absolutely love the hay pillow almost as much as my horses. I have been using them for 3 years, have had to replace a few not too long ago. I have comfort in the fact that they are healthier by eating in a natural position while slowing their rate of eating. I have 3 mustangs and 6 bags spread throughout the arena so they walk from bag to bag pushing away the other horse. It is great for their digestion and hooves.

    Karen Marcello
  • My horse was diagnosed with Cushing/EMS/Laminitis last fall. Spring is here and soon her buddies will be out to pasture leaving her behind, as she’s no longer able to safely grass.
    She would love a standard size 1 1/4th inch hay pillow to keep her hay clean and help to keep her enjoying her feedings a little longer.

    Cheri Fitzgerald
  • Can’t wait to try!

  • I recently inherited a horse from my “grandfather”, a horse trainer who had been my mentor and great friend for 20 years. He took care of his horses at home until he passed away at 95 years old – an inspiration to us all! He trained horses all his life, and taught me how to start and train my own. I would love to win a standard hay pillow in the 1 1/4” mesh size so that I can provide one for his gelding who is now in my care.

    Laura Fouty
  • Standard hay pillow
    1 3/4 mesh

    My gelding Six just had a birthday this month. He turned 20 this year!
    I use hay bags with him regularly but he’s pretty rough on other brand’s products and I would love to try these!

    Jax Butler
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