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Manger Hay Pillow® Horse Trailer Hay Bag

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$65.99 - $75.99
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Allow your horse easy access to "graze" during travel - while alleviating hay waste - with the Manger Hay Pillow®. Keeps hay off the floor and out of your horse's eyes. Fits both slant and straight load mangers.

Available in 2 mesh sizes & colors! Prices vary according to mesh size.

Manger Hay Pillow® adjustable straps are sold separately.

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Horse Trailer Hay Bag - Rectangular Feeder for Trailer Mangers

Designed to contain hay in a horse trailer manger - and keep it off the floor and out of your horse's eyes. Easy to load and secure.  Five tabs are included on the bag to easily secure it in place. See our Manger Hay Pillow® Adjustable Straps (sold separately).

Great for slant and straight load mangers! The Manger Hay Pillow® conforms to a myriad of horse trailer manger dimensions and shapes. Our Hanging Hay Pillow is a great choice when your horse is tied outside to the trailer or high-line.

5 features & benefits of the horse trailer manger hay pillow feeder

Choose from 2 Mesh Sizes

  • 4" x 6" - Recommended if you load your bags with alfalfa - or - if your horse is not accustomed to a slow feedhay net with a 1 3/4" or smaller mesh size.
  • 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" - Recommended if your horse is accustomed to slow feeding hay bags or nets with a 1 3/4" mesh size or smaller - and - you load your bags with grass hay.

Transport can be stressful for horses. Please choose a mesh size you are confident your horse will be able to easily extract hay from. Frustration increases stress levels. Questions? Contact an expert by email or call 888-489-0022

Manger Hay Pillow horse trailer feed bag - 1 3/4

Pictured above left: 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" - or - above right:  4" x 6" mesh

Note: the Manger Hay Pillow is designed to be used in horse trailer mangers only.


Easy Fill & Top Features

No Metal Hardware to Damage Your Manger

There is no metal hardware on the bag to prevent damage to the manger. Our Manger Hay Pillow® Adjustable Strap (sold separately) was designed exclusively to secure your Manger Hay Pillow®. Order yours TODAY!

Rugged & Designed to Last - Constructed with Made in the USA Materials

The Manger Hay Pillow® Horse Trailer Hay Bag is constructed from the most rugged materials - all proudly manufactured in the USA:
  • 1000 denier nylon CORDURA®
  • YKK® zipper
  • Heavy weight webbing - netting

How to Secure Your Trailer Manger Hay Pillow to Keep It in Place

To keep your Manger Hay Pillow® in place, secure at least two corners with our adjustable straps (sold separately). Depending on your horse’s personality, it may be necessary to secure your Hay Pillow by more than two corners to allow for continuous feeding. There are a total of 5 attachment tabs included on the bag.

If not secured properly:
  • It can slide out and over the front edge of the manger.
  • It can potentially be flipped over so that the solid back faces up.

Our made in the USA straps (sold separately) contain no metal hardware to scratch your trailer and were designed with safety in mind. The straps thread easily through the tabs of your Manger Hay Pillow.

Horse trailer manger slow feed hay bag

Slant Load Manger

Manger hay bag in a straight load horse trailer
Straight Load Manger

No Manger or Attachment Site?

If your manger does not have an attachment site, install eye straps as pictured below.


Tips for Hydration

  • To help keep your horse hydrated during transport, drench your hay with water, let it drain and use the 4" X 6" mesh size. Wet hay may be too challenging to extract from the 1 3/4" mesh size.
  • Take water from home and offer along the way (horses that are reluctant to drink water may be even more reluctant to do so if the water tastes different). If you can’t take water with you, start adding something to flavor the water at home in a separate bucket (to experiment with their preferred flavor) such as powdered Kool Aid® or Gatorade®. Once you discover their favorite flavor, take it with you for travel to mask the taste of unfamiliar water sources.

Manger Hay Pillow Dimensions

  • Overall Dimensions:  36" L  x  23" W
  • Mesh Sizes: 4"  x  6" or 1 3/4"  x  1 3/4"
  • Webbing Area Dimensions 4 X 6 :  30" L  x  13" W
  • Netting Area Dimensions 1 3/4": 33" L  x  19" W
  • 5 Attachment Loop Tabs: 1 1/2” L  x  1” W
  • Capacity: Up to 10 lbs. of hay (in flake form)
Note: The Manger Hay Pillow® conforms to a myriad of horse trailer manger dimensions and shapes.


Manger Hay Pillow Testimonials

"I use the manger pillow with the 4x6 squares for my yearling that is absolutely terrible about flipping his hay out of his feeder. These have been a total game changer! These are absolutely the BEST slow feed options on the market. I refuse to use anything else."~ Chrystal

"Had to share a photo of my mare, Foxy, once again enjoying her Manger hay pillow.  We used to have hay nets in the trailer but once I found Hay Pillows and bought one for the manger, I won't be using a hay net in there again. Foxy can eat her hay as we travel down the road and she really likes it." ~ Pat

"Thank you for the Manger Hay Pillow®. It's such a relief to finally have a solution to keep my horses hay in the manger, off the floor and out of their eyes. I can haul with the windows open and they are so much happier when we arrive at our destination."
  ~ Mariah

"Manger Hay Pillow is a great bag for hauling. My horses were so frustrated, the hay always ended up on the horse trailer floor and they couldn’t eat it! Easy to load and strap into the mangers. They are happy campers and love their Hay Pillows. Thank you for designing a bag to accommodate such a unique application. Theresa

"Beau will get a lot of use out of our Manger Hay Pillow! It fits perfectly in my Featherlite straight load horse trailer."  ~ Robin

"As an endurance rider, getting my horses to eat as much hay as possible is a top priority, and I typically travel several hours to get to events. Previously, I would place hay in the mangers of my slant-load trailer and would be exasperated when I arrived: the majority of the hay was always on the floor. My horses were frustrated because they were hungry and couldn’t get to the hay even though they could see it.  Since I started using the Manger Hay Pillow, I have found that my horses will typically eat about 1-3 pounds of hay when traveling a few hours. Almost no hay is on the floor, and the uneaten hay is compactly restrained in the pillow. Further, I don’t worry about hay getting in their eyes because the hay stays in the hay pillow. My younger mare in particular is a chow hound, and she arrives much more relaxed because she’s been eating. She’s also the one that finds a way to destroy the indestructible, and my Manger Hay Pillows are completely intact after several months. I also like to use the hay pillow as a hay bag. With a bucket strap, it connects to the outside trailer hook very quickly so that my 16+ hand mares have plenty to eat. I’ve been using the Manger Hay Pillow for a few months now and consider it to be a staple item. This is a much-needed accessory for anyone that transports horses in a slant-load trailer with mangers." ~Jo

"We have this Manger Hay pillow in the 4x6 opening and love them!! We are full timers traveling with our 2 brick and stick house! Our Hay Bags have been used for almost 4 years and are still holding up well! ~ Lee Ann

​"What a wonderful product. I love the Hay Pillow Manger for my horse trailer going from barrel to trail riding my ponies need to munch and are much happier that they can. My favorite part of the Manger large squares is that I’m in AZ so I have my drop down windows open. Regular hay nets blow around and I loose a great deal of hay!" ~ C.J.

"I love mine. Stopped all that loose hay on the floor of the trailer. It also helps with choke...Small bites. And keeps them entertained longer." ~ Sally

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