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Standard Hay Pillow® Slow Feeder Hay Bag

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Our best selling slow feed bag - The Standard Hay Pillow® ground feeder is offered in 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" and 1-3/4" mesh sizes. Rugged 1000 denier nylon Cordura.® Solid back design keeps your hay out of the sand, dust or snow. Less waste. Less mess. Easy to fill, transport & clean. Machine washable. Made in the USA.

* Not appropriate for shod or horned livestock.

Choose a Mesh Size

Standard Hay Pillow® Slow Feed Bag - Feed in a Natural Grazing Position

Allow your horse to nibble and eat in a natural grazing position with the only slow feed hay bag designed for use on the ground!

  • Reduces back and neck strain
  • Helps digestive & respiratory issues
  • Easy to fill & transport

Many customers place slow feeders in multiple locations to encourage grazing-like movement and reduce boredom.

Our best selling slow feed bag - The Standard Hay Pillow® Slow Feeder Hay Bag is offered in 3/4", 1", 1-1/4"and 1-3/4" mesh sizes and has a 1000 denier nylon Cordura® solid back to keep your hay out of the dust, sand, or snow.

Standard Hay Pillow - Product Features

Please note:

  • Due to the dangers involved in using any mesh material that can potentially get caught in a horseshoe, this product should not be used by shod livestock. We do not recommend use with horned animals or horses with blankets or halters that can potentially become snared in netting.​
  • If your horse is shod, consider a  Hanging Hay Pillow or Day or Bale Nets, which can be hung high enough to prevent a shoe from becoming ensnared (out of strike range).
  • If you have more than one individual in the same enclosure, we recommend at least one slow feed station per herd member.

New Customers

1 ¾” is the most popular mesh size. If you have never used a slow feeder, we suggest the 1 ¾ ”. Just ¼” can make a significant difference between a content or frustrated equine. Smaller mesh sizes do not necessarily equate to your equine eating slower; they may not be able to eat at all or become destructive.

Questions on Mesh Size? Review our Choosing a Mesh Size page, contact an expert by email or call 888-489-0022

​Interchangeable Netting Lets You Experiment with Mesh Sizes

If you'd prefer to experiment with different mesh sizes without purchasing additional bags - consider our Version II Hay Pillow bags. Sold as two separate components:

  1. Netting Panel
  2. Pillow Bag

Version II Hay Pillow bags were created to economically enable customers to experiment with different mesh sizes within an interchangeable system. A Netting Panel is less expensive than a bag with the netting sewn in.

See How it Works!

See how the standard hay pillow works

Easy to Fill

See how easy it is to fill the standard hay pillow

Rugged & Designed to Last - Constructed with Made in the USA Materials

The Standard Hay Pillow® slow feeding bag is constructed from the most rugged materials - all made with American materials manufactured in the USA:

  • 1000 denier nylon Cordura®
  • YKK® zipper
  • Custom nylon (DuPont®) knotted netting

Easy to Fill & Eliminates Cheating

Our unique closures provide ease of loading and ensure hay is only accessed through the netting - no more cheating! Netting is made & mounted on the square so the opening size stays consistent regardless of how full the bag is.

Reduces Waste - Ideal for Wind!

The solid back design dramatically reduces wasted hay and is ideal in windy weather. 

How to Secure in High Winds

If you experience high winds, place a rounded smooth rock (smaller than your fist) in the bag with the hay for extra ground weight. This is not necessary under "normal" breezy conditions, only higher winds/gusts.

​Best Choice for Slowing Down an Over Eager Eater

The Standard Hay Pillow or Standard Hay Pillow Version II is the best choice for voracious (over eager) eaters. Your horse cannot tug or pull on it as the Hay Pillow is not attached to anything when used on the ground.

​Standard Hay Pillow Dimensions

  • Overall Dimensions: 32" L x 29" W
  • Netting Area Dimensions: 24" L x 18" W
  • Volume: Holds up to 8 lbs. of hay (in flake form)
  • Mesh Sizes: (3/4"), (1"), (1-1/4") and (1-3/4")

We do not recommend hanging or attaching the Standard Hay Pillow® while in use - the solid back and border prevents most horses from being able to manipulate the hay properly or empty the bag completely resulting in frustration. The bags are designed to be used loose on the ground. The tabs on the zipper end can be used to hang it to load hay, the tabs on the bottom are intended to hang the bags on a hook to dry or for storage. If you prefer to anchor or attach a slow feed product, purchase the Hanging Hay Pillow (to hang) or Day or Bale Nets, which can be used loose on the ground, attached at ground level (for barefoot individuals), hung or secured in a tub/trough (for shod and barefoot horses). For photos and instructions see our Mounting and Hanging page

How to Clean - Washing Instructions

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, line dry. Mild detergent, no bleach or fabric softener.

Standard Hay Pillow Testimonials

Our two horses were unknowingly being fed compromised hay one summer. We proceeded to have about 3 years of very sick horses. They had obtained the heaves or lung damage due to breathing in dust and or mold from the hay. They were receiving an inhaler to help them breath, and an antihistamine in their food. Both horses were getting secondary infections on and off during that time. The only way to get a handle on it was to feed them hay that had been soaked in water (in a tub) not just water sprinkled on it, but soaked, to wash away the dust, etc. We live off grid and this was a grueling process in the winter. I was at my wits end, when I saw an ad for your hay pillows. I had been looking for a hay feeder, but your hay pillows caught my eye. I read everything that was written about them. Ordered two standard size to try them, and will never feed without them again. The boys (Thor and Brodie) received a clear bill of health this past fall when I had my vet come for a before winter check up. They now have hay all day long, they enjoy eating it from the pillows, and most importantly, dust and debris are not floating through the air as it did while they were eating it from the ground or from the hay feeders secured to the barn walls. My vet was in amazement at their improvement. She wanted to know what I had done. I of course showed her the hay pillows and shared all of the important qualities. It has been a year now and the pillows are still hanging tough. I have bought one for my best friend's horses, one for my neice's horse, and two more for my own. One additional hay pillow and a hay net that I leave as additional if they finish the hay pillow before the evening feed time. I am so thankful to have come across your advertisement and your explanations. Thank you, sincerely. ~Sheri~

Hay pillows are easy to fill, and produce much less waste of hay. They take away messy hay feeders and round bales, and create more harmony with Alpha behaviors in the pasture! My horse, Oreo was overeating and always in a muzzle, which was wearing his teeth. Moving him to hay 24/7 has made his dentist very happy as there is no more wear on his teeth, and we know exactly how much he is eating. Evaluating consumption with hay pillows is so easy! Even Connor, who has very worn teeth has no trouble with the hay pillow! The holes are the perfect size. The goat girls, Princess and Chunny, do have hay in their little goat shed, but they prefer to come out and eat with the big boys! I love my hay pillows!" ~Joyce~

"After having a massage therapist and chiropractor out to work on my horse, his neck being a key sore spot, I was advised to get rid of the hay net hanging in his stall. He's an easy keeper and will vacuum all the hay given to him, so I had to find another solution. This is his first day with The Hay Pillow and he's choosing it over the loose hay in the corner. I'm thrilled he adjusted to it so quickly!" ~Joanne~

"We have a warm blood cross and has been diagnosed and treated with ulcers, our vet recommended we get a hay pillow so he slow grazes in his stall. We have been using it for a few months and he loves it and doesn’t run out of hay anymore! He is so much happier when he has to be in his stall now, he has unlimited hay access in the pasture." ~ Kathy B. ~

"I just received my Hay Pillow, and all I can say is "wow"!! This is exactly what I have been looking for. I have tried several other slow feeders, and this by far is the best. I am able to feed her in her hay net, and also use the pillow. It allows her to eat all day and all night without over feeding. I weigh her daily rations and am feeding the same amounts, it just simply lasts longer. I don't have to worry about her getting injured, and am not stressed out that she has to go for hours without eating while I am at work. Priceless. Nothing slowed her down like this does, yet she doesn't seem frustrated at all. She moves around while eating, head is down, and she seems more content. I could not be happier. Probably going to order more so I always have one. Thanks for a great product." ~Kelly~

"Troy enjoys his hay pillow. He adjusted quickly and has been self regulating and eating less hay ever since. This worked much better than any slow feeder I tried. It was great in the snow and the fact that my hay is soaked did not make it harder! I am getting another so he can walk from "pile to pile." It stays pretty clean and washes beautifully when you need to. He is losing weight, he is happy all night and my life is easier!" ~Jane~

"Noticing how much hay was wasted over the winter, i decided to try the Hay Pillow! My girl loves it! She eats up all the hay! I love how I can move it easily into her stall to keep her busy at night too!" ~Carol~

"I have two 17 year old geldings. These boys use the standard hay pillow slow feeders at home every day and they work great for us! I’m so happy to have forage available to them all day long to minimize gut and mental stress. We actually bought a set of spare bags to rotate out on the days that they get wet. It’s been a great system for us."
~Laura F~

"There is a lot to love about the Hay Pillow! It keeps hay in front of my girl all day in a natural grazing position and off the sand. Durable, trustworthy, and safe are BIG keywords! Thanks for making such a great product!" ~Ashley~

"I love all the hay pillows! I use the hanging pillows mostly in my slant load trailer so the horses have some hay to keep them occupied on long trips and short trips! I use the standard hay pillows every time we travel! I pre-pack the hay pillows with the correct amount of hay for each of my horses that way our house sitter can just put out the pillows. I don't have to worry about the horses getting too little or too much hay! I also prepack the correct number of feedings that I need while camping! This way I don't have to carry bales of hay - I can just grab a hay pillow and give it to my horse! So easy, but this means I have to have enough hay pillows for the horses left at home and the horses I take with me on the trip! I love the 1.25 size mesh, but I have them all from 1 inch to 1 3/4 inches. Also, I have tried other "slow" type feeders and my boys destroy them in a day! The hay pillows have lasted years!" ~Nancy~

"I’ve been looking at these hay pillows for a long time. I have an IR/diabetic horse and easy keeper Icelandic and a mini donkey. Controlling their feed is a must. These pillows are just the ticket. Once I figured out the best way to weigh them down we were on the road for success. The boys love their pillows and we use them in the field as well as in the paddock. What a wonderful way to mimic natural grazing!" ~Tammy~

"Got my hay pillows today! Easy to fill, durable, strong. best ground feeder I’ve ever used. Smaller hole openings, really slows down my IR girl. Highly recommend this product!" ~ Emily ~

"Our senior equine has dental issues which causes him to cud his hay. Our veterinarian suggested a hay pillow with smaller holes for him so he can graze, but not take in large amounts at one time. We LOVE our hay pillows and we use them with many of our rescued equines." ~Tina ~

"Cisco loves to eat and sleep with his hay pillow. This is the best hay feeder I have ever used. It’s the solution to so many issues. My fast eater takes such a long time to finish his hay he needs a nap. The best part is these hay pillows are extremely durable. All I can say is I wish I thought of it." ~ Alison ~

"My mare was born with an esophagus defect. She has not been able to eat hay in over 14 years without choking until we tried feeding her with your Standard Hay Pillow® Slow Feeder Hay Bag (size 3/4"). Now it's just like she is grazing on hay!" ~Jessica ~

"Wow what a wonderful idea that your company has created a net like this! I am always looking for the best for my horse to give him a life as natural as possible despite sleeping in a stall. What a wonderful idea to have created a net that allowed horses to eat hay in a naturally way on the ground. My horse loves and has fun with his hay pillow bag. Everyone in the stable wants to buy one now! Valentine he’s happy, and his nights are shorter since he has hay longer! Thanks you so much!"

"Getting hay pillows was the best thing I have ever done for my horses! I love the freedom it has given me and my horses love having hay 24/7" ~ Nancy ~

"I just got my hay pillows a few days ago and they are making my life easier during the winter. I find they help me keep my horses from getting too hungry between feeds, and I feel really good that they aren't able to inhale everything in a few minutes. It's also nice because all of my horses are getting to eat from their own pillow, and not continuing to push each other away from hay. On windy days it's great when the hay can stay in the pillow and not blow around. Thank you for helping me keep my horses happy and not grouchy from going too long between feeding times." ~Pamela~

"We have two of them [Hay Pillows] and she really seems to like them! They keep her busy by slowing the time it takes to eat her ration of hay. Our barn owner likes it because it’s easy to use and keeps wasted hay to a minimum." ~ Bonnie ~

"Having two hay pillows per horse works out so well because I can fill them both in the evening when I have extra time and morning feeding is so easy. I just go down the back of the barn and toss in the full pillow and pick up the empty one. We have cut our wasted hay by 80%." ~
Katherine ~

"We love our hay pillows because they keep the hay off the ground, it makes the horses eat more slowly over a longer period of time (3 hours) and it makes the hay easy to carry out into the pasture. Thank you Monique for your great product." ~ Gary~

"This hay pillow is awesome! This cute guy gets to munch away for longer periods of time slowing down his eating. His head is in a more natural position and he is out of the shavings and dust. It is super easy to fill! Great product!" ~Ashley~

"Love, love, and love my Hay Pillows... we are so glad that we stopped by your booth and met you at the Sacramento Horse Expo years ago the pillows really changed the lifestyle of our three horses. Dollar & Change (both rescued Thoroughbreds and Lucy a Quarter mare, are their names and where we live it is all sand, pure sand and many cases of sand colic before we started purchasing the great invention of The Hay Pillow. They do not have grazing space but since the Hay Pillows they never seemed to be bored." ~
Joyce ~

"We finally found the Hay Pillow! The vet recommended this The Hay Pillow, Inc. as an alternative to hanging nets. This thing is awesome! We got the recommended 1 3/4 holes to start reduce frustration. Luna eats VERY fast....and she is a very easy this is going to keep her busy. Yay!" ~ Deborah ~

"Rosie has a long history with slow feeders. I gave up trying for awhile. She has metabolic issues and laminitis. When I saw the hay pillow, I thought it might be worth trying. The main positive observation is that she does not get frustrated and try to tear it up! She happily nibbles all day. That is important because I do not let her out to graze with the other horses and it keeps her busy. The bag is durable and easy to load. If Rosie is happy then I'm happy!" ~ SM ~

"I adopted an orphan foal and she turned out to be the cutest curly mustang you’ve ever seen. She LOVES her hay pillow and tugging out delicious hay day and night. I think it reminds her of when she was grazing in the wild! And I feel good knowing that it keeps her head in a natural feeding position and prevents a lot of waste. Her name is Bella Star and I know she’d give 5 stars to hay pillows!" ~ Sandy ~

"My horse lives by herself, she has Cushing's disease and can't be on pasture. She's limited to a certain number of pounds of hay per day. Without the Hay Pillow she would wolf down her ration in just a few hours and be bored and anxious until her next feeding time. I would often have to feed small amounts frequently throughout the day, which was kind of hard to keep schedule. Now I put her ration in The Hay Pillow and it takes her about five hours to empty it. I do this twice a day, so she's essentially grazing all day long on it and I don't have to run out every couple hours to regulate her intake. The hay pillow alleviates the boredom she was experiencing between feedings and keeps her happy and entertained. She's a very independent mare and just loves moving her Hay Pillow where ever she pleases. She rolls it into her run-in shed at night. Depending on wind direction, she'll move it to the leeward side of the shed. I moved The Hay Pillow into the sunlight for a better pic to send you. While I was getting ready to take the photo, she rolled it back into the shade where she wanted it. This is great entertainment for my horse. I love that there is less waste. It's an awesome investment. I would not hesitate to put out two Hay Pillows on days when we have to be gone for several hours and rest assured she'll be busy all day chasing them around her paddock. Thanks for a great product." ~Joy and Baby Doll ~

"I purchased 3 of your standard hay pillows for my herd over a year ago! I LOVE them! They keep the hay clean and slow everyone down so they can enjoy their hay longer." ~ Mary ~

"I have purchased 2 standard hay pillows and I am extremely happy with both. My first purchase was the 1.1/4. My mare quickly learned to eat efficiently from this size. I then contacted Hay Pillow and my next purchase was the 1 inch which was the perfect size to slow down my very smart mare and the goat she shares a dry lot with. Having 2 Hay Pillows has kept Habibi moving. Thanks you Hay Pillow for a quality product that works wonders." ~
Suzanne ~

"Hay pillows are the best thing that ever happened to the farm! No wasted hay, slow fed happy horses, happy horse mama! You can never have too many hay pillows!" ~
Joyce ~

"I absolutely love your products! My 3 yr old Lusitano cross pushes and nudges her hay pillow around the snow here in Alaska. I love that it keeps her entertained through the winter." ~
Kira ~

"Amber had a rare form of colic -- epiploic foramen entrapment. Which, along with its scar tissue, resulted in 3 colic surgeries in 12 months. She is an incredibly strong red headed mare, and means everything to me! Hay pillows have been a crucial part of her life since surgeries, as she can only eat alfalfa now and the hay pillow keeps her nibbling much longer than if she had it out of bag. Or worse, in a hanging hay net that she just stuck her head in from the top!! We love hay pillows!!" ~ Lindsey B. ~

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