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About Us

Hay Pillow Slow Feeder Inventor Monique Warren with the Hay Pillow product line..
Hay Pillow® Inventor - Monique Warren with Izzy & Hazel, R&D team.

It all started with a need ...

The Hay Pillow® Inc. was born in 2012  - after a VERY determined horse enthusiast, Monique Warren (that's me) attempted several variations of homemade slow feeders to keep my insulin resistant mare, Lily, happy and healthy. 

After researching and learning the importance of slow feeding and eating from ground level, I found I could not purchase a slow feeder that was both:

  • Safe, and
  • Slowed down my horse’s consumption rate enough.

In addition, ease of “loading” and the weight of the feeder became key challenges.

My quest to help Lily resulted in a 4 year experimental journey of creating a slow feeder that met her needs. During that time, I bought, designed, built and prototyped a variety of slow feeders and slow feed hay bags for my own use. Once the Hay Pillow® design was complete, it was too good not to share with others!

Listen to Monique Warren, Founder of Hay Pillow Inc., interviewed on Horsemanship Radio
Listen to our interview on Horsemanship Radio - Episode 165 at the 11 minute marker.

I know what it's like to want the best for your equine partner, to embark on an exploratory journey, and to be overwhelmed in the process. For those who are new to slow feeding - or are still experimenting with finding the best slow feeders to accommodate a 24/7 feeding protocol - I offer my prototyping findings and lessons learned in my post, How I Chose the Best Slow Feeder for My Horse, in hopes the information may help others in their journey.

Just ask my family, friends and veterinarian when visiting my home, how many times there would be a different contraption for my horses to eat out of. Lily and Ruger - my equine companions - have been the guinea pigs to all of the various contraptions I would introduce to them. Never knowing what device was coming next.

The initial design was intended to be clipped in tubs. The closure was a unique challenge and finally when the zipper was introduced the Hay Pillow® design was complete! The bag no longer needed a tub. When looking at it filled with hay the only name I could think of was Hay Pillow® - and that’s where the name originated. Numerous prototypes followed and the list of guinea pigs grew with great success. Even those with the most voracious appetites could not crack the code. Even more amazing about this product is the durability, effectiveness, and health benefits: improved digestion; less dental, neck, and back issues; less respiratory issues; and reduced risk of ulcers.

Most inventions are borne out of necessity. Little did I know how successful this invention would be!

I continue to share my passion for educating horse owners about slow feeding and nutrition topics in my blog: Enhancing Equine Health. I also contribute articles to publications such as:
The Hay Pillow Product Line - Slow Feed Standard, Mini, Hanging & Manger Styles

Our Mission

  • To manufacture and deliver the highest quality, effective, affordable products made in the U.S.A. - enabling horses and their owners to relax about feeding schedules and regulate the quantity of hay consumed without limiting access to forage for periods of time.
  • To no longer have hungry or overweight equine companions.


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