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Hanging Hay Pillow® - Small Mesh Hay Net Alternative

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The Hanging Hay Pillow® slow feeding hay bag is the best alternative to small mesh hay nets. Its durable, solid back design better contains the hay and minimizes waste. Wide and low netting offers your horse, pony, or goat more access to the hay and encourages a more natural eating position with the head down or lowered. A customer favorite for eating at trailer side or as a suspended slow feed choice at home. 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4” and 1 3/4" mesh sizes. Prices vary according to mesh size.

* Not appropriate for horned livestock.

Choose a Mesh Size

Hanging Hay Pillow - Low Netting Lets Your Horse Eat in A More Natural Position

The Hanging Hay Pillow® was designed to be hung as low as possible from the ground (barefoot horses) -  therefore, the netting area is wide and low. This encourages a more natural eating position with the head down or lowered. Allows your horse, pony, or goat easy access to the hay and enables them to utilize the entire netting area. For shod livestock hang them high enough so the horse cannot paw at it. Our netting is made and mounted on the square so the opening size stays consistent regardless of how full the bag is. Netting on the diagonal gradually elongates to twice the actual mesh size.
5 benefits of the hanging hay pillow

We recommend using swivel clips (as shown in the Hanging & Mounting Tip photos below) - so that the bag won’t twist, just the clip.

Choose from a Variety of Mesh Sizes

The Hanging Hay Pillow® is available in a variety of small and not-so-small mesh sizes: 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4” and 1 3/4" to suit you and your herd's needs. It is appropriate for any size horse, pony, goats, llamas and alpacas. Contact an expert 888-489-0022.

New Customers:

1 ¾” is the most popular mesh size for ponies and full sized equines. The 1 ¼” is the most popular mesh size for miniature equines. Just ¼” can make a significant difference between a content or frustrated individual. Smaller mesh sizes do not necessarily equate to your equine eating slower; they may not be able to eat at all or become destructive.

Questions on Mesh Size? Review our Choosing a Mesh Size page, contact an expert by email or call 888-489-0022

See How It Works!

Easy To Fill

Hanging Hay Pillow Video - Easy Fill thumbnail

Hanging Hay Pillow Dimensions

  • Overall Dimensions:  36" L x 28" W
  • Netting Area Dimensions:  17" L x 26" W
  • Volume:  Holds up to 8 lbs. of hay
  • Mesh Sizes:   (3/4”), (1”), (1 1/4”) and (1 3/4")

Hanging & Mounting Tips for Over Eager Eaters

The best method for mounting a Hanging Hay Pillow for voracious (over eager) eaters is to suspend it. Hang from a tree limb (away from the trunk) or rafters in the stall. Slide a piece of PVC pipe over the rope to avoid entanglement and attach a swivel clip at the bottom. If there is nothing solid behind the bag, they can't push on it to grate their teeth across the netting. This also makes it more challenging.

Secure the swivel clip facing the back of the bag.  If the bag is empty or low and your horse flips it upward, the netting won't get caught in the sliding mechanism of the clip.

More Alternatives for Over Eager (Voracious) Eaters

The Standard Hay Pillow slow feed hay bag is the best choice for voracious eaters. When used on the ground, the horses cannot tug or pull on it as it is not attached to anything.

Hanging Hay Pillow Testimonials

"Gandalf just got his new hanging hay pillow, and we love it!  His vet recommended that we try the hay pillow to slow down his eating a bit. I love that it’s easy to load with hay and Gandalf loves playing with it and unloading the hay. " ~Adrienne~

"When in her stall or trailer, my Canadian mare only gets her hay in a Hanging Hay Pillow. She's like a Hoover vacuum and sucks up her hay way too fast without it! 1 1/4" mesh is perfect for her - small enough to slow her down without frustrating her."
  ~Susan ~

"Love the Hanging Hay Pillow. It's perfect for inside and outside my horse trailer and allows my guy to nibble all day while we're traveling. He wears horseshoes so I hang it from a tree at home. It's amazing how little hay ends up on the ground, must be the solid back!"

"Perfect pillows for my baby! The hanging hay pillow I put in Rosie’s stall and use it in the horse trailer. It’s a great size. She also has a Standard Hay Pillow in her paddock. She loves to walk back and forth eating little bits at a time going inside and outside. I’m ordering another so she can have 3 locations to eat from. She loves walking and eating, walking and eating. Never really thought about it but it is what they do when they graze! Incredible product, thanks so much." ~Jackie~

"I love this bag for my goats. They now have hay available 24/7. I no longer have to spend time cleaning up wasted trampled hay or go out to feed early in the morning." ~Diane~

"My little herd of four love their hay pillows! I find the hanging ones very useful when I turn them out in my arena . We have a small property in the middle of Dallas and I have to manage the grass. Having hay pillows tied to the arena fence allows my little herd to graze even though they are not turned out in the grass areas."~ Dominique ~

"I purchased a hanging hay pillow as an additional tool for one of my horses who has experienced recurring colic. In adding this slow feeder for hay to her overnight medical and feeding regime, we have made some progress in keeping her digestion in check. The quality of this product quite high, is such that it has lasted the test of time, something I appreciate given the medical expenses." ~ Terri ~

"The Hanging Hay Pillow has made a huge difference in how less anxious she is now that she has available hay at all times. Its wonderful!"  ~ El

"Loving the new Hay Pillows and the Hanging Hay Pillows for my horses' Paddock Paradise track. I have various types and textures of grass hay, so really appreciate the several options of mesh sizes. They’ll be wonderful in helping my haflinger recover from laminitis. Thank you."  ~ Tamara D.

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