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Equine Nutritionist

Natalie Sullivan is an independent equine nutritionist and owner of On Course Equine Nutrition, LLC Education and Consulting. Natalie brings available research and valuable perspective on feeding horses gained from stepping into thousands of feed rooms and working with veterinarians, specialists, and researchers across the United States since 2006. Her graduate degree at Washington State University centered around growing low carb forages sources for metabolic horses. Natalie's equine diet recommendations are motivated by forage first decisions, simplicity over complexity, clear and purposeful supplementation, and are free from selling bias.  

Dietary Supplements

Earth Song Ranch has been restoring health naturally since 1998 - for horses, dogs and cats. Their popular probiotic, digestive enzymes, herbal mixes, herbal wormers, and herbal blends for cushings, ulcers, and EPM support are hand blended and packaged fresh the day they are shipped - not many companies can say that! Their natural, nutrient-rich blends contain no unnecessary fillers, artificial, GMO, or other non-essential ingredients and use all USA ingredients.

A to Z Horse Cookies are a softer, healthier choice that is LOW CARB, LOW SUGAR, WHEAT, CORN, SOY, AND ALFALFA FREE. Made in the USA using only the finest human grade ingredients. The perfect solution for a healthy treat or feeding medications; just break your cookie in half, place medication on the flat side, and give it a squeeze and press.   

California Trace - Concentrated trace mineral supplement.


Equi-Spirit Toys & Tools Let Your Horse Play---The Natural Way
​Hours of Fun with Extremely Durable, Safe, and Affordable Toys and Horse Play & Training Balls for Equines of all Sizes.

Animal Auras - Safety Signs for pets and livestock representing your UNIQUE Animal Family should there be an evacuation. Engineer-grade Street Signs that last years outside your home, farm or ranch.

Donkey Whisperer Farm - A great resource for donkey training! Donkey Whisperer Farm (DWF) offers handmade, high quality rope halters with matching lead lines made specifically for donkeys not horses!  DWF Rope Halters are an essential training tool for any donkey owner.  Rope halters and lead lines are made in the USA of durable yacht rope and include a heavy brass screw on snap and leather end.  11 gorgeous colors to choose from.  Includes a Life Time Warranty and Free Shipping.

Informational - Website possesses a vast amount of information about diet, sugars and carbohydrates in regards to hay and your horse’s diet. Dedicated to education for the prevention and treatment of laminitis. The information gathered is the result of research to find out how to better manage chronically laminitic and metabolically challenged equines.

Wild Horse Education (WHE) was formed for the purpose of: educating the public about the plight of wild horses and burros on public land, and in the government warehousing system for these animals including sale and final disposition, working to end the inhumane treatment of these heritage animals, encouraging the creation of a sane, scientifically-based management strategy for these animals in the wild, promoting public adoptions and support those who adopt, and assisting the public to advocate for the welfare of wild horses and burros.

The Donkey Sanctuary  provides invaluable information about donkey care and diet. They are a non-profit working towards a world where donkeys and mules live free from suffering, and their contribution to humanity is fully valued.

​John The Vet- This website has been created by a veterinary surgeon who is dedicated to saving horses and ponies from laminitis.

The Horses Hoof- An informational barefoot hoofcare website and a quarterly printed magazine, published since 2000.

L'il Beginnings Miniature Horse & Pony International


Bella Rose and Friends - Short Stories for Kids - Incredibly heartwarming kids stories from the animals point of view. Also a blog so kids can interact and have their parents ask the author questions about the characters. Very sweet.

Just for Love & Giggles Storybook - Fun and colorful storybook with five short stories told by two horses: The Worry Germ, Ways to Make the Earth Giggle, Grateful No Matter What and more. Includes magic playsheets so kids can interact with the book. Percentage of proceeds go to benefit equine and animal organizations.

Other Links

USA Made List is a community-based online resource dedicated to finding American Made products. The website is a great alternative to search engines and big box retailers that do not provide consumers with country-of-origin information, making it simpler to find products made in the USA.  

Rob Andrew Photo- Commercial product photographer in San Diego, CA.

Gary L. Loomis- Patent agent.

Valerie Ann Nemeth /Attorney at Law- Trademark, entertainment and intellectual property services.

Mini horse resting on its Hay Pillow slow feeder.

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