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High Viz Horse Riding Vest

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The Safe Riders Vest is a super lightweight vest with high visibility colors & reflective fabric. Highly adjustable with waist adjustment straps and two zippered front pockets to stow your stuff. Neon orange and yellow fabric with reflective high visibility diamond and solid strips enables motorists and hunters to see and identify you in varied lighted settings.

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Reflective High Visibility Riders Vest

The Safe Riders Vest looks great and was designed by a rider, for riders, hikers and bikers and is extremely ​versatile. This high viz vest is incredibly lightweight making it comfortable to wear over a T shirt or tank. Adjustable side straps allow you to expand it to also wear over vests and jackets. The perfect reflective high visibility safety solution for equestrians, bike riders and hikers alike. Popular to keep your kids safe too whether they are horseback riding, biking or walking to school!
Benefits of Reflective High Visibility Rider's Vest.

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We recommend buying the vest large enough to fit over your winter riding jacket
  • Small (child's large, women's small)
  • Medium (woman's medium, men's small)
  • Large (woman's large, men's medium)
  • Extra large (women's extra large, men's large) - temporarily out of stock

More High Visibility Safety Gear For Your Mount

The high viz reflective - neon Safe Riders chest collar enables your horse, mule or donkey to be seen by motorists and hunters in varied light settings.  Lightweight, adjustable, reversible and machine washable. One size fits cob, horse & warmblood.

Safe Riders Gear high viz nose band can also be attached to the brow band of your bridle. Keep you and your mount safe while riding roadside or riding in or near the woods during hunting season.
Horse ridden on the beach with reflective riding gear.

Washing Instructions

Hand or machine wash on gentle cycle in warm water. Hang to dry. Keep clean for maximum performance of high visibility colors and reflective fabrics. Do not dry clean, use bleach, place in dryer or iron.


"This is an easy-care addition to my riding paraphernalia that helps me feel safe in the woods with my horse during hunting season. Well worth the cost! Washes up great and then looks good as new."

"Love this vest. Light as a feather and I glow in the dark!  Keeps me and my horse safe on the road at night. Someone driving by stopped and said she wished everybody--hikers, bikers, riders--would wear these.  Often you just don't see the person until you are right up on them."

“The best hill conditioning in my area is along a highway. I would never consider riding a horse along it but for years took my horses for walks on the shoulder until last year when my horse and I almost got run over by someone not paying attention. I thought I'd never consider trying it again but then I got this vest and gave it a test run yesterday. It worked! 95% of the vehicles gave us a really wide berth and the other 5% moved over at least half a lane. So, between keeping my eyes/ears ever alert, and wearing this vest, I'm hoping that my horse and I can continue to use the highway shoulders on the fabulous long steep hills of our valley to help us get into shape.”

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