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Version II Standard Hay Pillow® Bag

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Our Version II slow feed bags make it easy and more economical to experiment with mesh sizes. Net panels are sold separately and offered in a variety of mesh sizes; 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4” and 1 3/4". If you prefer to purchase a bag with the netting sewn in, purchase the Standard Hay Pillow®.

* Not appropriate for shod or horned livestock.

Experiment With Mesh Sizes

The Standard Hay Pillow® Version II Bag is one of two components necessary to have a complete Hay Pillow®. Net panels are offered in a variety of mesh sizes; 3⁄4”, 1”, 1 1⁄4”, 1 3⁄4”  - and sold separately. If you prefer to purchase a bag with the netting sewn in, purchase the Standard Hay Pillow®. 

These were created to economically enable new customers to experiment with different mesh sizes without having to purchase additional bags. A Netting Panel is less expensive than a bag with the netting sewn in. Once you have determined your preferred mesh size, we recommend purchasing the Standard Hay Pillow with the netting sewn in for future purchases.

The 2" wide Velcro® stays attached for the vast majority (99%). If the panel has been detached - have a local tailor, horse blanket or saddle repair shop sew a seam around the panel while you wait. 

When used long term, the bag/Velcro will eventually become too distorted for new netting panels to fit properly. The level of distortion is relative to the acceleration of wear and tear. 

Questions on Mesh Size? Review our Choosing a Mesh Size page, contact an expert by email or call 888-489-0022.

  • Overall Dimensions: 32" L x 29" W
  • Netting Area Dimensions: 24" L x 18"
  • Volume: Holds up to 8 lbs. of hay.

Please noteDue to the dangers involved in using any mesh material that can potentially get caught in a horseshoe, this product should not be used by shod livestock. We do not recommend use with horned animals or horses with blankets or halters that can potentially become snared in netting.

We do not recommend hanging or attaching the Standard Hay Pillow® while in use; the solid back prevents most from being able to manipulate the hay properly resulting in frustration. The bags are designed to be used loose on the ground. The tabs are intended to hang the bags on a hook to dry or for storage.  If you prefer to anchor or attach a slow feed product, purchase the Hanging Hay Pillow (to hang) or Day or Bale Nets which can be used loose on the ground, attached at ground level (for barefoot individuals), hung or secured in a tub/trough (for shod and barefoot horses). For photos and instructions see our Mounting and Hanging tips for further details. 

Washing Instructions:
 Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, line dry. Mild detergent, no bleach or fabric softener. 

Version II Hay Pillow Testimonials

"Love these Version II bags. Ordered one bag and netting panel, the mesh size was too large so I ordered my second panel and it is just right. Thank you for providing an inexpensive way to experiment with mesh sizes.

My horse loves them as I have one hay pillow in his stall and one in his paddock so he can decide if he wants to eat inside or outside. Surprisingly, even when it’s cold and windy, he prefers to eat outdoors. He used to paw at the stall door and whinny when I got to the barn to feed, now he just looks up from his Hay Pillow and keeps eating. Bravo!" 

"My horse really enjoys the Version II Hay Pillow with the 1 3/4" mesh - he used to finish his morning hay by 10am, and now he's still busy at 2pm or 3pm. He also really seems to enjoy it - many times I've seen him leave a pile of loose hay and go over to work on the hay pillow. The Hay Pillow is also great for keeping the hay clean and preventing the horses from spreading their hay all over the place." ~Jennifer~

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