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Hay Pillow Giveaway - Enter to Win

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June 2024 Hay Pillow Giveaway - Enter to Win

​We're Giving Away a Hay Pillow® to 5 Lucky Winners!​

Contest ends June 30, 2024

Enter to Win - in 2 Easy Steps:

Step 1

Visit our Hay Pillow® Slow Feed Hay Bags category page and decide which Hay Pillow style and mesh size you would like to win (See our tips for Choosing a Mesh Size).

Step 2

Post your entry in the comments section of this blog post* - noting these three things:

​Include your first and last name
to avoid multiple entries with the same first name!
​*Scroll to the bottom of this page to enter/Leave a comment.*
Click Post Comment to save.

How to complete your entry for giveaway in comments

Contest Rules

  • You must complete steps 1 & 2 above to be eligible.
  • Contest open to USA residents only.
  • ​Contest closes June 30, 2024.

Winners Announcement & Notification

WHEN: Winners announced July 3, 2024

HOW: Winners posted on this blog post & our Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest pages.

​Please check for our winner's announcement. ​Instructions will be posted to claim your ​Hay Pillow®. This is the only way to notify the winners.


What Our Customers Have To Say:

Two Chestnut geldings eating hay from a Standard Hay PIllow on the ground

"Thank you, Hay Pillow, for an amazing product that is part of our every day! Our herd can pull and forage like nature intended even in the desert thanks to the Standard Hay Pillow, and the entertainment is priceless! We discovered the hay pillow last year, we have used our three hay pillows every single day, with rain or shine. The quality is so amazing that besides a little sun fading, they still look brand new! Not one tear, not a snag. I am so in awe of it mostly because our herd loves it so much. I offer so many different hay stations per “paddock paradise model” at different heights, and locations, and the hay pillow is always a favorite.

Last but not least, hay pillow is aligned and on the ethical mission; their site/blog offers many different educational articles on natural horse keeping, nutrition, hay, and much more. Definitely a product made with love."  ~Desert Sky Ranch & Sanctuary

Pinto miniature horse after eye surgery at Cornell in a stall eating from a Mini Hay Pillow

"I absolutely love your product. My 4-year-old mini, Gambler, scratched his eye on April 23 and ended up with a nasty ulcer. He went to Cornell Equine Hospital and had eye surgery on May 4.  It's a 2-hour trailer ride so having the Mini Hay Pillow while on the trailer was super helpful.

He had a bad bout of colic on May 27 due to a side effect of a medication he is on and ended up in ICU for 3 days. Once again, the Hay Pillow to the rescue! When he could return to eating, it slows him down. Thank you for such a wonderful product!" ~Tammy

Three miniature horses eating hay from Hanging Hay Pillows


"3 blondes at the Hanging Hay Pillow bar! We have less waste; the mini horses and donkey figured it out right away and are now nibbling happily in the shade. Thank you for your great product." ~Tender Little Hearts Mini Tales and Equine Mini Therapy

Horse trailer manger hay bag filled with hay
I LOVE the Manger Hay Pillows with the 4x6 openings. We travel throughout the year with our 3 horses and their hay stays in the manger, even with the windows open! Our Hay Pillows are almost 5 years old and still going strong. ~JoAnne

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Monique Warren, Hay Pillow Founder with the Hay Pillow Slow Feeder product line - standard ground hay pillow, mini hay pillow, hanging hay pillow & horse trailer manger hay pillow

About the Author

Monique Warren invented the Hay Pillow® slow feeder and is the owner of Hay Pillow Inc. ​Warren has been an equine guardian for over forty years and slow-feed advocate for over 10 years. She contributes equine nutrition, digestive and hoof health articles to publications such as Equine Wellness, The Journal, The Naturally Healthy Horse, Natural Horse Magazine, Nicker News, The Horse's Hoof and Miniature Horse World Magazine. Equine nutrition and horses feet are her passions. She resides in Southern California.

Monique's Story


  • I’d love the manger pillow uf I had a trailer with mangers (Next Trailer) so for now the hanging hay pillow with 1 3/4 for inside and outside if the trailer. Thank you for this awesome opportunity to win your awesome product! Good luck 🍀 to all and God Bless! 💗

    Becky Juschka-Kaiser
  • Mini Hay Pillow® Slow Feeder Hay Bag

    I would love to try one of these. I have heard great things about these products. If it will help my aggressive eater slow down a bit that would be amazing.

    Maria Redinger
  • I would love to have a Hanging Hay Pillow with 1 3/4 mesh for my horses! I love that the hay pillows allow horses to eat hay in a more natural position than other hay bags and that they’re built durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. My horses work hard to make me happy so why not give them a shot at something nice in return?

    Angela Kemerer
  • I would love to try the standard pillow with slow feed. Volunteer at horse rescue. We could really use this pillow. Thank you.

    Cathy Houdeshell
  • The standard hay pillow with 1 1/4” mesh looks ideal for my to guys. It will keep them occupied and tummy’s happy!

    Katie kimmell-Dolchan
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