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Nose It 10" Enrichment Slow Feed Food Dispenser

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Slow feed toy with a purpose. Allows for measured slow feeding of hay cubes, pellets, grain or treats.

Great for horses, donkeys, mules, goats and other critters to encourage movement, boredom relief, exercise and play!

Nose It - Slow Feed Toy with a Purpose

The Nose-It can be used inside or outside. Place it in a feed tub to allow for measured slow feeding of hay cubes, pellets, grain and treats or loose on the ground to encourage movement. Nose-It!® acts as a stall-buddy or pasture-buddy keeping your critters occupied for hours!

Nose-It's unique and distinct patented twelve (12) sided "SLOW-ROLL ONE EDGE AT A TIME™" design, prevents it from randomly rolling away and requires movement to dispense the contents.

The ball is 10" and weighs approximately 2.5 lbs. holding twice the weight inside. GUARANTEED NOT TO BREAK! Easy to clean and safe to use. Made with FDA food compliant olefin polymer. The 2” hole and concave/funnel face allow for ease of loading. There is a smaller inner lip on the inside of the hole to prevent the contents from toppling out too easily.

"My horse was on stall rest for 12 weeks and is a bad weaver in the stall. Due to his injury weaving was detrimental to his healing. I bought this ball and filled it with treats and he loves it. He must have it with him in his stall at all times. This was a life saver for us and we are now seeing more in the barn for others on stall rest. Thanks for a cool toy." -Suzanne

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