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100% Spirulina Microalgae Powder - Human grade and made in the USA. Spirulina is known for its many benefits:

  • Effective anti-inflammatory
  • Powerful anti-oxidant
  • Supports respiratory function
  • Antihistamine properties
  • Immune booster
  • Useful for seasonal allergies
  • Improves metabolic health

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Our Spirulina is sourced from a grower in Hawaii with a preferred NASC member designation. Farmed in lava filtered Hawaiian aquifer water, naturally grown and GMO free.

Directions For Use

Dosage per 1,000 pounds of body weight:

  • Therapeutic: 20 grams twice a day
  • Maintenance: 10 grams twice a day

Dosage should be increased or reduced proportionately, based on weight and results. Scoop: One (1) rounded 14.7cc scoop (tablespoon) will hold approximately 10 grams (.35 oz.) of Spirulina microalgae powder.

Consult with your equine nutritionist or Veterinarian prior to use. Do not feed undiluted.

The palatability of Spirulina varies greatly depending on the individual. Gradually introduce into the diet. Tip: Use enough of a supplement carrier (i.e., soaked hay pellets) to mask the flavor.

After each use, re-seal plastic liner with twist tie and close lid securely. Store in cool, dry place away from heat and humidity. Keep container clean and avoid contamination.

HorseTech is a proud member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), strictly adhering to demanding quality standards.


Spirulina microalgae powder.

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