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Ultralite Emergency Info ID Clip-on Tag

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The UltraLite was designed to ensure proper identification should you and your horse, mule or donkey become separated/lost! Highly visible neon orange color. Handy carabiner easily hooks through a mane braid to ensure essential information is secure to reunite you and your companions as soon as possible.

Waterproof and fire resistant

Ensure Proper Identification with Ultralite Clip-on ID Tag

The UltraLite can be used while riding, camping/high-lining, travel and during turnout or an entire fire or tornado/hurricane season. Weighing less than an ounce it is comfortable and can be used long term as long as the braid is intact, the UltraLite will stay put! 

This safety aid also works well clipped to your saddle or own belt loop! Ensure both you and your equine friend always have identification attached in case of an emergency.

If you’ve been informed that a natural disaster is expected in your area, the UltraLite should be attached ahead of the event while there’s still ample time to put a braid in your equine’s mane. The ManeStay is a better choice for emergency situations where time is of the essence taking just 3 seconds to attach. 


  • Weighs less than an ounce
  • Highly visible
  • Sturdy aluminum carabiner hooks through braided mane
  • Stays secure as long as braid is intact
  • Appropriate for long term use
  • Works great for humans on your belt loop and luggage too!

Emergency ID tag on horse trail riding

Equine emergency ID tag designed for long term use

Will the Ultralite melt or subsequently burn my equine?

No. The Ultralite is designed to be safe for the horse faced with a fire situation. The I.C.E. form itself is made of a Calfire rated flame-resistant material. The nylon strap melts at between 419º and 430º. The aluminum carabiner clip’s melting point is over 1200 °. If the mane/tail hair is exposed to 370º or higher, the hair will disintegrate. Because the mane/tail hair at those temperatures becomes a fuel, Ultralite will drop to the ground well before any of its components would begin to distort. At temps up to 370º, Ultralite is still providing safe, secure identification. Ultralite will not contribute to fueling a fire while it is still attached to the animal. If the animal is exposed to 300º+ temperatures, he is unfortunately already in grave danger with burns and/or smoke inhalation.

Ultralite Reviews

"Because I tie to my trailer with a breakaway halter, I decided to get one of the mane clips (I.C.E. UltraLite) for my NATRC rides. It stayed in great all weekend (through several head shakes and a bucking fit...) and didn't damage her mane at all!" - Hannah

"It's perfect!" - Sarah Rinne, executive director of NATRC (North American Trail Ride Conference), competed in 16 rides during 2017. She's been using UltraLite on every ride in Tate's braid since March 3rd.

"This product is awesome! Mine have stayed in place for 8 weeks now. My four horses wear them full time in the summer in case of fires!" - Dawn

"I got the ManeStay for hurricanes or camping, and I also got the lightweight ones (UltraLite) to put on my saddles. Had an incident last week when my horse lost his footing and we went down. I couldn't keep hold of the reins and as he ran off (luckily to a nice bush to eat), I thought to myself, this is why I ordered my I.C.E. products."  - Heidi

What is the difference between ManeStay and UltraLite I.C.E. Tags?

  • ManeStay attaches to tail or mane in 3 seconds
  • Easy to attach during emergencies or evacuations, when time is of the essence. 
  • Weighs 1.75 ounces
  • UltraLite requires a mane braid to be attached.
  • Weighs less than 1 ounce
  • Appropriate for long term use
  • Does not bend hair
  • Multiple uses/applications

 Equine emergency ID tags

How to Attach UltraLite to the Mane

  1. Complete the emergency contact information using an ultra-fine point Sharpie® ensuring your critical contact info will be permanent and waterproof.
  2. Create a braid ten (10) or more inches from the horse's ears (so it doesn't touch the ears when his head is down), but still in the upper 1/3 of his mane. 
  3. Secure the braid with an elastic band/ponytail holder - these last longer than rubber bands. If using rubber bands, use at least 2. 
  4. Insert/hook carabiner through the top portion of the braid.
  5. Inspect daily for long term use.

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