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Equine emergency ID tags in horses mane and on halter

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Horse Emergency Identification Tags - ID Your Horse Easily

Proper identification during an emergency/evacuation can help reunite you with your equine companion(s) as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we're all being reminded of the power of natural disasters – and how devastating the impacts can be. Post Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, and the wildfires in the west, should remind us we never know when the next fire, flood, hurricane, or earthquake can leave us with only moments to act.

Equine ManeStay and Ultralite Emergency ID Tags on a horse's mane

If you have been impacted directly – our heart goes out to you and your animals; in hope that you are receiving necessary support. 

A search for the most effective and easy-to-use identification products for our horses led us to ManeStay and UltraLite emergency ID tags - and convenient Halter ID for horses and dogs  All Made in the USA. They are so impressive we decided to carry them in our store!  Our pledge of offering the best of the best continues.


ManeStay is the perfect choice to grab in an emergency. In 3 seconds, your contact information is attached to your horse's mane or tail safely and securely via a spring hook. The neon yellow color is highly visible. It's lightweight as well as heat and flame resistant up to 415°.


Ultralite also attaches to the mane, but does so via a carabiner clip and therefore requires a braid to be in place. Ultralite weighs only one ounce and is an ideal choice for attaching your contact information to your horse if you are trail riding, camping, traveling, or during any other activity where there is a chance you and your horse could become separated. You can even attach it to a saddle or your own belt loop. Ultralite is a favorite among competitive trail riders. If your braid is secure, Ultralite will stay in place long-term so you could potentially leave it attached during fire season, for example.

Halter ID/ Dog Collar & Harness ID

​Safely secure critical information to your equine’s nylon or rope halter with the wrap around emergency ID. Great to have on hand for travel or evacuation. These also wrap around dog collars and harnesses as well.  For dogs, the wrap-around style is superior to tags - it offers more space for important details including medications, Vet name/number, and variable info such as a second address, alternate phone numbers, special diet, etc., and more.

Be Prepared - So You Can Be Reunited As Soon As Possible

​Be prepared for emergency evacuations or unexpected separation from your horse, pony, mini, mule or donkey by having  safe, secure, and VISIBLE identification tags that attach to the mane, tail, halter or bridle.

Both Manestay and Ultralite secure your critical contact information without a halter - making it much more likely you'll be reunited you with your companion(s) as soon as possible.  

These products are lightweight and waterproof - as well as heat and flame resistant up to 415° - and are Made in the USA.

See How Easy it Is


I.C.E. (in case of emergency tags) are simple, affordable, easy solutions - because peace of mind is priceless.

Order your ManeStayUltraLite or Halter Emergency ID Tags Today!

What Customers are Saying

ManeStay the peace of mind knowing our herd has proper identification in case of an emergency is priceless. Made in the USA is appreciated. 

The Ultralite is awesome! Mine have stayed in place for 8 weeks now. My four horses wear them full time in the summer in case of fires!

I love the wrap around ID tags. I keep them on all of my halters and bridles at all times. You never know when a horse will get loose!


Manestay equine emergency ID tagequine emergency ID tag on horses tail


Ultralite equine emergency ID tag on horse while trail ridinghorse emergency ID tag designed for long term use
 Halter ID

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