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Horse High Visibility Nose Band

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Safe Riders Gear high viz nose band can also be attached to the brow band of your bridle. Keep you and your mount safe while riding roadside or riding in or near the woods during hunting season. Reversible reflective yellow & blaze orange.

Stay Safe with Safe Riders Gear Nose Band

This high visibility nose band enables your horse, mule or donkey to be seen by motorists and hunters in varied light settings during the day and night! 
  • Lightweight and machine washable.
  • Velcro closure
  • Reversible with high visibility yellow with reflective fabric on one side and is solid hunter orange on the back side for hunting season riding.
Questions? Contact an expert by email or call 888-489-0022.

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High visibility safety vest, breast plate & noseband for equestrians

Washing Instructions

Hand or machine wash on gentle cycle in warm water. Hang to dry. Keep clean for maximum performance of high visibility colors and reflective fabrics. Do not dry clean, use bleach, place in dryer or iron.

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